CEO of IECD joins IBE team for education conference in San Francisco

The CEO of the IECD, Mrs. Shirley Choppy is currently attending the 63rd Annual Conference of the Comparative Education International Society (CIES) under the theme: Education for Sustainability. The invitation was extended by the International Bureau of Education – UNESCO. The conference is being held in San Francisco, California, USA from the 14th to the 18th April 2019 and is being attended by more than 3500 participants from 125 countries.

Mrs. Choppy will be making a presentation on the Seychelles Early Childhood Care and Education System known as a best practice in the region and globally, on Wednesday 17th April at 8:00 pm Seychelles’ time. Her presentation will focus on: Developing and sustaining a resilient early childhood care and education system in Seychelles. The CEO’s participation in this conference is aimed at increasing the visibility of and promoting Seychelles’ ECCE system, and the important work that IECD is doing to become a Category 2 Centre under the auspices of UNESCO.

Mrs. Choppy will also participate in a follow up formal panel session on ECCE where she will provide more insights into our system and support other countries aspiring to further develop and improve their ECCE systems. The session will be chaired by Dr. Mmantsetsa Marope, the Director of the IBE-UNESCO. Similar to other presentations and sessions at this conference, Mrs. Choppy’s presentation will be streamed live on social media platforms.


Background information on CIES:

CIES, the Comparative and International Education Society, is an academic association dedicated to increasing understanding of educational issues, trends, and policies through comparative, intercultural, and international perspectives.

CIES is the largest and oldest of 47 comparative and international education societies around the world. Its more than 3,000 individual members — researchers, analysts, practitioners, and students — represent over 1,000 universities, research institutes, government departments, non-governmental organizations, and multilateral agencies across the globe.