Children’s Day Message from the Institute of Early Childhood Development

Mrs. Shirley Choppy

Mrs. Shirley Choppy – CEO IECD

On Children’s day we celebrate the lives of our children who are gifts for our future generation. Children thrive in an environment of unconditional love, where their laughter and contagious joy is our reward. Let us also spare a thought on this day for children who are struggling to survive in the face of malnutrition, abuse, or are victims of child trafficking. Our every endeavor to alleviate these present -day global struggles, is invaluable no matter how small.

This year’s national theme ‘Valoriz kiltir travay dir’ fits in perfectly with IECD’s ongoing work to enhance the quality of services offered to infants. As the body providing leadership in Early Childhood Care and Education nationally, we strive to fulfill our mission of improving the quality and accessibility of care and education to all children in Seychelles. Moreover, UNICEF’s theme for this year advocates the rights of all children. It reveals that all children have their rights denied every single day and that we need to build a world where every child is in school and learning, safe from harm and able to fulfill their potential.

Our message to care givers, parents and guardians: Make the most of the work which continues in order to heighten the quality of Early Childhood care, education and services. These are tools which will help you craft a path along which children may grow into healthy and balanced human beings. It is your duty as parents, guardians, care givers and professionals to ensure that children are kept safe and that decisions are taken for them in their best interest

The wish for our children: Play to your heart’s content as this is how you will learn to grow and adapt to this ever changing world.Through our impassioned effort, we pray that one day you will realize the importance of good values, honesty and hard work.

On this very special occasion, the CEO- Mrs. Shirley Choppy and staff of the IECD would like to wish all infants and young children of the Seychelles a very Happy Children’s Day. Children, may your curiosity take you to beautiful places and your happiness shine a guiding light onto your path.

Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them. – James A. Baldwin, so let us all give children great things to imitate.