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Children from vulnerable families who participate in pre-school programmes are more likely to complete their education
Quality learning programmes and teaching methods are not essential for successful child outcomes from a very early age.
Children today spend more time indoors and get less physical exercise both at home and at childcare facilities.
Play contributes positively towards children’s cognitive development.
All children reach developmental milestones at roughly the same time, and the process is smooth and continuous.
One of the most important things you can do to stimulate your child's brain development is to give him or her daily vitamins.
Most of a child's brain development occurs after the age of 7 years.
Buying expensive clothing for the child is the most important thing in his or her development.
Play is an unnecessary distraction that affects children’s cognitive development as it takes away valuable time that could be better spent on academic tasks.
It is okay for children under care to watch TV all the time so that they stay quiet and do not disturb.