IECD presents findings of the pre-pilot study on data management in ECCE in the Social Affairs Sector

IECD presents findings of the pre-pilot study on data management in ECCE in the Social Affairs Sector

The second phase of the data management project, which started with a situational analysis last year, was completed last month. This phase relates to the pre-pilot implementation of around 35 indicators related to Child Health, Well-being and Development, home environment and the community in line with international best practices in ECCE.

A team of 12 social workers from seven districts and the Legal Services and Child Protection Team at the Social Affairs Department participated in the study. Before this, they attended a training session to ensure everyone was on the same page vis-a-vis a common understanding of the indicators and data collection process. The session simultaneously provided an opportunity for Social Workers for further professional development in data capture and management.

The results of the pre-pilot study were presented by the lead Consultant, Mr Egbert Benstrong, to the Senior Management Team, on 20th October 2022, in the presence of the Minister of Employment and Social Affairs, Mrs Patricia Francourt, Principal Secretary of Social Affairs and Chief Executive Officer of IECD. The selected results were mixed, characterised by good practices and some potential areas of concern. Examples of results were related to child health and well-being and development, home environment, and the community. In the pre-pilot, a sample of 141 children were covered from the seven selected districts.

An interesting discussion, where the Hon. Minister and other members raised a few valid and technical points for clarification and departmental attention, followed the presentation. In addition, were invaluable comments and suggestions for the next step.

The benefits of having indicators that show areas working well are their utilisation in the planning of intervention strategies, monitoring and evaluation to improve the outcome for all children.

On her part, Hon. Minister Francourt thanked the SA team for their active participation in the study and the IECD team for spearheading this critical national project and proposed disseminating the results to all concerned.

‘It has been an excellent collaborative effort between the Social Affairs Department and IECD. We extend our sincere gratitude to the Hon. Minister Francourt for taking time out of her busy schedule to attend the presentation and share her great reflections and views going forward, and support this great cause for our young children. We thank the Principal Secretary and Director of Social Services for supporting this innovative project to bring about tangible improvements in data management in the sector, and all participants in the data collection stage of the exercise,’ said the IECD Team.

Next, IECD will organise a similar presentation for the participants in November 2022, among other interested groups, and a follow-up discussion on the main pilot study to be implemented in earnest 2023. This exemplary joint project between IECD and Social Affairs Development will feature in the sixth edition of the National Action Plan for ECCE 2023-2024.