Rationale of the Conference Logo

The logo is comprised of five sections representing the combined colour palettes of the IECD logo, the ECCE logo and the National Flag – thus consolidating the collaborative partnership which forms the foundation of an integrated ECCE system in Seychelles. The circularity of the logo is suggestive of concentric movement converging on the Islands of Seychelles. This is representative of the national and international drive which has been generated to bring people together to share knowledge and learn from the Seychelles Experience.

The map of the world, which fades outwards englobing the wider community, gains salience inwards as Seychelles become prominent at the centre of the design: Seychelles is positioned as an ideal location and as a hub for ECCE. This centrality encapsulates not only Seychelles as an attractive destination but also the multi-disciplinary and mutli-sectoral inter-linkages at the heart of ECCE in Seychelles.

There is a clear representation of flexibility, adaptability, and dynamism in the seemingly moving lines of the logo mark. This evokes the all-encompassing developmental power of ECCE and the innovative energy of a resilient system.