Welcome to the Child and Social Protection test

If you knew that a child was experiencing abuse at home, I would not report the case.

In order to bring up, raise, or educate a child properly, the child needs to be physically punished

Preserving the best interest of the child is the primary consideration in all actions and decision concerning the child

A child may need compulsory measures of care when he or she is living in a risky environment.

Forcing or tricking a child into sexual contact or sexual touch by an adult are not considered as sexual abuse

Leaving children on their own when they are too young to look after themselves is not considered as neglect.

The voice of the child must be heard or respected in all matters concerning his or her rights.

An adopted child is not a legal member of the adoptive family in same the way as if he or she was born to them

The custody order, made by the Court of Tribunal, is not legally binding

Parenting classes are not important for expectant, existing or single parents because they already know how to raise their children