What Do We Do

IECD consists of 3 sections working in close collaboration and assisting each other in the fulfillment of the Institute’s responsibilities. The sections are:

Regulatory Affairs

The roles of this section are to:

  • grant registration of ECCE services under the IECD Act, 2014;

  • ensure that childminders comply with the guidelines and standards of childminding service and childminding establishments as may be prescribed by regulations;

  • monitor and evaluate the childminding establishment and childminding service provided by a childminder;

  • perform other functions as may be prescribed by regulations.

Programme Coordination and Research

The roles of this section are to:

  • implement, monitor and evaluate early childhood development programmes and projects;

  • undertake research on early childhood development in order to provide relevant data for policy formulation and programme development;

  • coordinate with the interested institutions regarding the development and review of standards in early childhood development;

  • advise the interested institutions on policy matters relating to early childhood development;

  • provide training and professional development in early childhood development;

  • advise parents, educators, and interested institutions on matters pertaining to early childhood development.

Advocacy and Information

The roles of this section are to:

  • promote environments conducive to the well-being and holistic development of a child;

  • mobilize funds for the purpose of fulfilling the functions of the Institute;

  • collect, maintain, analyse and, as appropriate, disseminate data and information on ECCE;

  • promote understanding of the importance of early childhood development and provide information and advice on good practices;

  • ensure collaboration with relevant national and international authorities pertaining to matters on early childhood development.

The 3 sections are supported by the Human Resources, Administration and Finance Unit which is chiefly responsible to ensure the effective management of budget, human resources and development opportunities of staff to achieve the organization’s objectives.