Celebrating Success: 12th  Group of  Prospective Childminders Receive Certificates

The Institute of Early Childhood Development (IECD), recently conferred certificates to the 12th  group of unregistered and prospective childminders who have successfully completed their Pre-registration, Sensitisation and Training (PRESET) on the National Standards for Childminding services.

The PRESET program is a mandatory requirement for the registration of childminders in Seychelles, aimed at equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills to provide quality early childhood care and education. The program is designed to align with the 10 National Standards for Childminding services, which were developed in collaboration with key Early Childhood Care and Education Sectors and other external partners.

The group of 29 participants consisted of 23 new participants and 6 previously trained who were undergoing refresher sessions on the mandatory standards. The prospective childminders began their journey in September this year and have since undergone numerous sessions, covering all aspects of the National Standards. These sessions were delivered by experienced trainers and experts in their fields, ensuring that the childminders received comprehensive and practical training.

The ceremony was graced by esteemed Members of the local IECD Board including the Chairperson, Captain David Savy, CEO of IECD Mrs. Shirley Choppy and guests from the Early Childhood Care and Education Sectors. The programme facilitators and key partners in ECCE also attended the ceremony.

In his address prior to the presentation of certificates to prospective childminders, Captain David Savy said that where it concerns the professionalization of early years’ workforce and quality assurance of Child Care Services, Seychelles is well advanced compared to other countries in the world.

“As a small island developing state, we are on the right track and well positioned to achieve the sustainable development goals”, he said.

That same night IECD rewarded four childminders for having displayed full compliance with all national standards during their Formal Inspection conducted from July to September 2023.

The ceremony also saw a beautiful dance performance from a member of the Artistic Dance factory, dancing bachata and merengue. Mary Mussard a popular local artist who is a participant of the 12th Cohort Preset, sang the Greatest love of All by Whitney Houseton. Staff of IECD brought down the curtain for the with a medley of Christmas son which was a surprise for the participants.

The conferment of certificates to the 12th group of prospective childminders is a significant milestone in the development of early childhood care and education in Seychelles. IECD commend these childminders for their dedication and commitment to providing high-quality services to the children in their care. We also acknowledge the support of our partners in the Early Childhood Care and Education Sectors and other external partners, without whom this achievement would not have been possible. We look forward to the continued growth and development of the child care sector in Seychelles, as we work together towards providing the best possible start for our children.