IECD gears up for upcoming early childhood regional workshop in June

The Institute of Early Childhood Development (IECD) held an informational meeting for ITS upcoming regional workshop which will take place later this year in June.

The meeting consisted of an informative introduction by IECD’s CEO Mrs. Shirley Choppy, followed by two presentations: one about the Regional Workshop programme by the Director for International Cooperation and Exchange Mrs. Hannah Pool, and the other about media engagement by the Director for advocacy, Information and Capacity Building, Ms. Shelda Commettant.

The meeting was kicked off by IECD’s chief executive officer, Shirley Choppy, whose informative introduction included some information about IECD’s background, objectives and expected outcomes.

The above-mentioned regional workshop will encompass the exchange of early childhood-centered practices, success stories, and deviances amongst the 22 invited countries as well as our local representatives. The event will take place in Savoy Resort and Spa’s conference room from June 5 to 7, 2024.

This workshop will prompt important discussions among its participants that will aid in the advancement of early childhood agendas in their respective countries. It will also be based on the Tashkent Declaration and Commitment to Action for Transforming Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE), to take concrete actions that will transform early childhood development worldwide.

Mrs. Choppy said that this regional workshop will prove very helpful in assisting IECD in achieving one of its major functions – providing technical assistance to its member states. ‘It will provide us with a grand advantage to know which points to emphasise on,” she said.

IECD has recently completed developing and setting the standards for day-cares or what is now called childcare centres.

“The new-set standards are very comprehensive and complete, looking at early childhood development in all its aspects. We are hoping to soon present our plans to the Cabinet of Ministers so that we may get the go-ahead to implement them.”

One of the IECD’s biggest achievements is being able to make significant advancements toward aiding the development of children aged zero to three years, in Seychelles.

“We’ve managed to transform a largely unregulated and chaotic sector into a success story, in a very short period,” said the chief executive proudly. However, Mrs. Choppy added that ‘we need to do more in terms of quality care and quality education for our young children.’

Mrs. Choppy was very optimistic when talking about IECD’s, and by extension young Seychellois children’s future: ‘The sky is the limit.’

“IECD has done a lot for Seychelles and its young children, of course, there is more to be done. The fact that we have been accredited as a centre of excellence (category 2) shows just how much we’ve worked. What I dream of seeing is the children, especially those more disadvantaged from the African continent, having access to a good educational system so that they can flourish.”

Courtesy: Iza Amade (Today Publishers)