Institute of Early Childhood Development Organizes Meeting with Childcare Managers for Sensitization Campaign on New National Standards

The Institute of Early Childhood Development, the regulatory body for childcare services in the country, recently held a meeting with childcare managers to discuss the proposed plan to implement the new National Standards for centre-based childcare services which will be inforce soon. The meeting marked the beginning of a sensitization campaign aimed at sharing information in the use and importance of the sets of standards set out under the Early Childhood Development Act, 2022.

Led by Chairman Captain David Savy, Vice-Chairman Mrs. Sonia Mancienne, and CEO Mrs. Shirley Choppy, the Institute’s delegation emphasized the importance of collaborating with childcare managers to uphold the safety and well-being of children in their care. The new National Standards cover a range of minimum in health, nutrition, child rights, early simulation and learning, training and staffing among others.

During the meeting, Captain David Savy highlighted the vital role that childcare services play in the country’s economy and productivity. He underlined the Institute’s commitment to working with managers to ensure that children receive the highest quality of care and support in childcare centers.

CEO, Mrs. Shirley Choppy announced plans to conduct a series of sensitization sessions for all staff at centers on Mahe and the Inner Islands in May. She also revealed that 2024 will serve as a trial year for implementing the National Standards, with full compliance expected in 2025 and beyond. Consultant Mr. Selby Dora provided managers with valuable information on the newly introduced license and renewal procedures, and differences between the existing regulation (SI 43) under the Education Amendment Act, 2017 and the new regulations being finalized.

This is a proactive approach to supporting childcare managers in meeting the new National Standards and it demonstrates the Institute’s dedication to promoting quality childcare services in the country by working together with managers and providing training, guidance and the necessary support.