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For the first six months of life, a baby does not need any food or drink except breast milk.

It is in child’s best interest to be breastfeed into the second year of his or her life.

Heavily dressing a child is a better way to prevent him or her from getting diseases than vaccination.

A child less than 4 years old should not be allowed to play with items smaller than his or her fist or toys with sharp edges.

When a child has diarrhea, he/she should be given liquids more than he/she normally drinks.

Fried food is healthier than baked food.

Children are eating less nutritious and balanced diets which lead to overweight and obesity later in life.

Occasional skipping of meals or refusal of food is not to be expected from a child.

It is okay to give children snacks every day.

There is no need to brush the teeth of a child before he or she begins schooling.

It is okay for children in care to use the same facilities as adults.

Children under the age of three are at high risk for choking on toys because they are hungrier than older children.