Role of the Regulatory Affairs Section

The Regulatory Affairs Section was set up in January 2015 and its roles are as follows:

  • Grant registration as provided under the IECD Act;
  • Ensure that Childminders comply with the guidelines and standards of Childminding Service and Childminding Establishment as may be prescribed by regulations
  • Monitor and evaluate the Childminding Establishment and Childminding Services provided by a Childminder
  • Perform other functions as may be prescribed by regulations

The section is currently undertaking preparatory activities for the official registration of Childminders. This includes the drafting of regulations on National Standards, on-going training and sensitisation of Childminders, development of promotional materials to raise awareness on national standards and sensitisation of partners and stakeholders.

Vereine Louis-Marie

Mrs. Vereine Louis-Marie joined the Regulatory Affairs Section as Director in September 2015. She has ten years working experience as a Nutritionist and is specialized in Public Health.  She has been heavily involved in the development and implementation of infant and young child nutrition initiatives in Seychelles.


Ms Lianette Morel, a newly recruited Senior Compliance Officer is a Nurse and Midwife by profession with more than fifteen years experience. She has specialised in Midwifery and Neo-Natal Nursing and is a recipient of the Seychelles Young Leaders Programme (SYLP).

Under the direct supervision of Ms Morel, are three Monitoring and Evaluation Officers.

Lydianne Jean-Louis

Mrs. Lydianne Jean-Louis, an Early Childhood Teacher with over ten years’ experience and has assumed the role of Language Coordinator in a Primary School. She also holds a Diploma in Early Childhood Education.

Stephanie Payet

Mrs. Stephanie Payet is a Secondary Trained Teacher with six years of experience working with students from diverse backgrounds.  She holds an Advanced Diploma in Education and a Diploma in Secondary Education.

Romia Elizabeh

Ms. Romia Elizabeth holds a Diploma in Social Work. She has eight years experience in working with people from all walks of life from several communities as a Social Worker.

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