Children: Our Future Lies in Their Hands

Shirley Choppy IECD Chief Executive

Shirley Choppy IECD Chief Executive

As we approach Children’s Day on June 1st, let us take a moment to contemplate our role as guardians of our children. It is our utmost responsibility to protect and safeguard these precious souls, providing them with a safe and nurturing environment for their holistic growth and development. We should allow them to flourish innocently, shielding them from the burdens of adulthood that are not meant for their tender shoulders.

Every child, regardless of their race, gender, or religion, is unique and special. By treating them with respect and dignity, we can help them blossom into respectful adults who will shape our future. Recognizing the importance of early childhood development, the IECD, now operating as a Category 2 Center for Early Childhood Care and Education under the auspices of UNESCO, is committed to advancing knowledge, capacity building, and setting high standards in childcare, whether provided at home or in centres and formal early childhood education services. Our aim is to provide coordination, leadership, and strategic direction for early childhood development, advocating for and increasing awareness of ECCE issues while promoting best practices nationally and internationally.

In collaboration with our dedicated partners and stakeholders in ECCE, the recent approval of the Strategic Framework for ECCE (2022), the Sixth Edition of the National Action Plan 2023-2024, and the steadfast support from UNESCO and other international partners, we will continue to work tirelessly to create a brighter future for our children.

On this special day and on behalf of the Board, Management, and staff of the IECD, I would like to extend our warmest and heartfelt wishes to all children in Seychelles. Let this day serve as a time for prayer, reflection, and a renewed commitment to advocating for and protecting the well-being of our children, especially in light of recent tragic events that have reminded us of the urgent need for their safety and care.

I take this great opportunity to sincerely convey our heartiest thanks to the Government, in particular the President of the Republic, Cabinet of Ministers for their unflinching support of the many initiatives in ECCE for the past year, and the Sectoral Teams Chairpersons and Members, and all those who have collaborated with IECD, for their unceasing commitment to advancing the cause for ECCE, further developments in ECCE, and most importantly, the education, health, protection and holistic development of our dearest young Seychellois children and those on the continent.

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