ECCE Awareness Campaign

An important role of the Institute of Early Childhood Development is to advocate for Early Childhood Development. This requires the Institute to provide pertinent information on early childhood to all partners concerned and the public in general through print, media-based campaigns and programmes thus promoting insight into development issues of early childhood. With that in mind, message boards on Early Childhood Care and Education were conceptualized in May 2017.

The IECD chose key public locations to showcase important messages relating to children, their growth, development and family life as a means to launch their awareness campaign. Thissimultaneously highlights the significance of ECCE and provides information and advice on good practice.

The Advocacy and Information Section of IECD spearheaded and oversaw the project which was carried out in three phases. First appealing messages about Early Childhood Development were selected, photo shooting sessions were carried out and draft message boards were designed. Secondly, the message boards were approved and produced. On 21st November 2017, to coincide with Universal Children’s day our message boards were unveiled to the public. The event was attended by the Chairperson of IECD Board, Captain David Savy, The CEO of IECD Mrs. Shirley Choppy, IECD staff, children featured on the message boards and their parents among other friends and partners.

Currently, the project is in its final phase which is the display of message boards in eleven strategic public locations. Approval has already been sought with different organisations for this purpose. Our first message board was displayed on the premise of the National Assembly on Tuesday 12th December 2017. This will be followed by other locations such as the bus terminal,airport, maternity ward at the Seychelles Hospital, Ministry of Education Headquarters etc…

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