Governing Board Meeting of IECD/UNESCO Category 2 Institute Concludes on a High Note, with Fruition of Key Objectives to Strengthen Partnerships and Strategies

The Institute of Early Childhood Development (IECD) / UNESCO Category 2 Institute, has successfully convened its second Governing Board Meeting, paving the way for the organization to solidify its role as a leading international authority on early childhood care and education. The meeting marked a crucial step towards implementing the Institute’s new mandate, setting the stage for future initiatives and collaborations that will drive forward the global conversation on early childhood development.

The Chairperson, Dr. Mmsantsetsa Marope, presided over the meeting that brought together esteemed members including Captain David Savy – IECD local board Chairperson, Dr. Geraldine Teo-Zuzarte (Singapore representative), Mr. Mamadou Lamine Sow, who represented UNESCO and Mrs. Shirley Choppy Chief Executive Officer of the IECD. Dr. Jonna Kangas from Finland participated remotely in the meeting.

The second high-level gathering of the Institute’s governing body, convened at the Savoy Resort and Spa in Seychelles, was a pivotal juncture for the organization. It served as a check-in on progress against established goals, tackling pressing concerns, and mapping out changes to the Institute’s administrative structure. Moreover, the occasion allowed for the setting of fresh strategic objectives and charting a new course for the institution’s future trajectory.

The board members adopted an interim set of rules and procedures to ensure the effective functioning of the newly established international entity. The meeting also highlighted the need to invest in the capacity building of IECD staff, recognizing that providing training and development programs would be essential in equipping employees with the necessary skills and expertise to excel in their roles.

The IECD/UNESCO Category 2 Institute was officially inaugurated in October 2023, with President Wavel Ramkalawan appointing the Governing Board members.

In the coming months, the IECD will focus on building partnerships and engaging with stakeholders to enhance its capacity and impact. The leadership will also continue to meet with government officials, diplomats, and policymakers to educate them about the IECD’s new status as a UNESCO Category 2 Institute, aimed at increasing awareness about the Institute’s functions and responsibilities as a leading international hub of excellence for Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE).

The Governing Board meets twice a year to oversee the Institute’s activities and ensure its continued growth and development.