IECD/UNESCO Category 2 Institute Prioritizes Staff Welfare through Health Screening Initiative

The Institute of Early Childhood Development has successfully completed its first-ever comprehensive health screening programme for all staff members, demonstrating its commitment to promoting a healthy and productive workforce. The initiative, which was carried out in collaboration with the Health Care Agency, aimed to encourage staff to prioritize their health and well-being, and take proactive steps towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The health screening programme, which was conducted at the Institute’s Head Office in Ile Perseverance on June 28th, included tests such as blood pressure, body mass index (BMI), and blood sugar checks. According to Ms. Vanessa Philoe, Senior Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, the event was very helpful, with many staff members expressing satisfaction with the experience. “I’m very satisfied with my test results,” she said. “I’m glad that the Institute is taking such an initiative to encourage us to take care of our health. I think it’s essential that we hold these sessions more often so that we can keep track of our health status and take necessary action.”

Principal Nutritionist, Mrs. Stephanie Desnousse, who conducted the tests with the assistance of Ms. Julitta Fostel, emphasized the importance of a healthy lifestyle. “Through this health screening programme, new health issues detected in staff and some of them were not aware of them,” she said. “We have also identified staff who already had health conditions but were not taking their medication appropriately. We have referred them to health professionals in their respective districts for further care.”

Desnousse urged staff to adopt healthier habits, including a balanced diet and regular exercise. “As an organization, IECD can also organize group fitness activities to encourage staff to engage in physical activity,” she suggested.

The IECD/UNESCO Institute’s commitment to staff welfare is evident in this initiative, which aligns with the organization’s mission to promote a healthy and productive workforce. As the saying goes, “Healthy Staff = Healthy Organisation and High Productivity.” With this program, the Institute is setting a positive example for other organizations to follow.

The IECD/UNESCO Institute plans to continue this initiative in the future, prioritizing the well-being of its staff and fostering a culture of health and wellness within its walls.