Ile Perseverance Secondary School Students Explore Career Opportunities in Early Childhood Care and Education

As part of the International Fathers’ Day celebrations, a delegation from the Institute of Early Childhood Development (IECD) / UNESCO Category 2 Institute, visited Ile Perseverance Secondary School to sensitize a group of secondary five students on career opportunities in the Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) sector.

Led by Chief Executive Officer Mrs. Shirley Choppy, the delegation consisted of staff members from the Institute, a registered childminder, and partners from the Seychelles Fire Rescue Service Agency. The interactive session, which lasted an hour and a half, aimed to inspire and guide students, particularly boys, in making informed decisions about their future careers and sensitise them about early childhood development in general.

The students were fascinated to learn about the various facets of ECCE, which not only involve educating young children but also the important roles father play in children’s development and lives. . In addition, the delegation shared valuable insights into the qualifications required and prospects for success in this field.

Throughout the session, students actively engaged and interacted with the professionals, asking questions and seeking information on the different job opportunities within the ECCE sector. They, especially the male students, were encouraged to consider pursue a career in this rewarding and fulfilling sector, as part of their career choices, to ultimately make a positive difference and impact on young children’s lives.

The session was a unique opportunity for IECD and its partners to raise awareness on ECCE and share information about potential career paths in ECCE with students in secondary schools.

The UNESCO Category 2 Institute continues to play a vital role in promoting and advocating early childhood education and care nationally and internationally. This initiative is a testament to its steadfast commitment to empowering the youth with knowledge and skills in ECCE and that will help them with their future career choices and benefit them throughout their lives.