‘It is important that we understand that Education is a shared responsibility. Education starts at home. Parents are the first teachers of a child.’


President Danny Faure, State of the Nation Address, 26th February 2019

Past Events & Activities

This page provides information about the various workshops, forums, conferences and other events and activities that has been organised by IECD...

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National Action Plan

  Update on National Action Plan 2015-2016 for Early Childhood Care and Education SECTOR: COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT AND SPORTS www.seynsc.com...

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Coordination and Research

Being an Institute, IECD is committed to conducting research in areas of Early Childhood Care and Education. This page provides information about...

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Regulator & Facilitator

This page provides an outline of the ten quality Standards for Childminding Services which has been developed to ensure consistency across all...

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National Action Plan 2019-2020 Download

National Action Plan 2019-2020 Intro

Documentation Centre

IECD – Review of 2017

ECCE Theme song

Lekel ki kontan mwan isi?

The ECCE theme song was composed by Mr George Payet and sang by Lenon Payet and the National Children’s Choir, the CD of this beautiful song is on sale at the Institute of Early Childhood Development on the third floor of Le Chantier Mall.

I love Seychelles through the eyes of early childhood children

This is a beautiful collection of poems and artworks by P2 children of Seychelles, where they express their love of their country, if you want to support the children by purchasing this collection of booklet; get in contact with us or visit us on the 3rd floor of Le Chantier Mall.

Upcoming Events

The Seychelles Early Childhood Care and Education Terminology Directory

This useful book for parents, Childminders, Daycare Operators, Teachers, and anyone with interest in early childhood can be purchased at our office on the third floor of Le-Chantier Mall.

Children’s Artworks

This collection of artworks was part of a children’s exhibition under the theme “Mon kontan ou”…it is in line with the national theme, “I love Seychelles”. Click here for more information