Refresher Sessions for Registered Childminders

Building capacity of registered Childminders for a quality service is a major preoccupation of the team at the Institute of Early Childhood Development (IECD). Hence they organized a series of refresher sessions based on the National Standards, Nutrition, Administration and Early Learning. The Institute has taken a phased approach in the implementation of the National Standards for Childminding Services. Its aim in 2018 is to reinforce the implementation of these standards alongside the National Standards Interaction, Physical Environment as well as Family and Community Engagement. This is because for registration, Childminders are required to implement the four mandatory standards on Health, Child Rights and Protection, Safety, and Staffing with the application of six other standards after registration.

Sixty four registered Childminders have attended these refresher sessions which were facilitated by the staff of the Regulatory Affairs of IECD on the 3rd ,17th February 2018, and the 21st April 2018. The sessions focused on each of the standards, particularly on areas of weaknesses identified during monitoring visits. The training was predominantly practically based and provided the Childminders with additional skills to implement the standards. The Childminders were issued with a pack consisting of an early learning plan with relevant resources as well as posters and notes on the standards, Administration and Nutrition.

An additional refresher session is planned for July this year to review the implementation of the three standards and also to reinforce the implementation of the remaining standards. Monitoring visits by Officers of the Regulatory Affairs Section will scrutinize the application of the standards to ensure that Childminders are in full compliance with the set regulations.