The staff of IECD signs and implements the Performance Management System (PMS) Contract

The staff of IECD signs and implements the Performance Management System (PMS) Contract

The Result Based Management (RBM) Framework objective is to focus on increasing the performance of the Public Sector by ensuring accountability, transparency, and result-based delivery from all public entities and public servants. One of the main pillars of the RBM Framework is the Performance Management System (PMS). This is where the performance contract comes into effect.

The main aim of the performance contract is to establish clarity on the organisation’s priorities and objectives. The agreement should provide a basis for continuous performance improvement and the potential of any employee.

After constant discussion and review, spearheaded by our Human Resource & Budget Management Officer, Ms. Laurette Lebon, the team at IECD has finalised the PMS contract. All staff has already signed their contract and this was done in a small gathering held recently. Implementation has started even before the set date, August 2022, and it is being closely and regularly monitored through the usual and established structures internally. More importantly and as is the usual practice, staff are being guided and supported during the process, in readiness for the appraisal season due in December 2022.

‘We are exceedingly satisfied and proud with the progress made so far. On behalf of the Board, I wish to thank all staff for your contribution till to date and the collective engagement to achieve the Institute’s strategic objectives set out for 2022 and vision. Thank you for going above and beyond to foster a positive environment and pleasing atmosphere in which we can all work happily and comfortably together under the leadership of the CEO and Management Team’, said the Chairman – Capt. David Savy.