IECD and ECCE sectors review progress on NAP 2021-2022

The Institute for Early Childhood Development (IECD) yesterday hosted the end-of-year 2021 Progress Review Workshop of the National Action Plan Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE).

The workshop brought together the five ECCE sectoral teams from Education, Health, Social Affairs, Local Government and Community Affairs and IECD to share their progress in the implementation of the NAP ECCE 2021-2022, to discuss the challenges they face, and obtain feedback in preparation for the way forward.

Minister for Education, Dr Justin Valentin, officially opened the workshop, celebrating the achievements of the IECD and ECCE technical teams across the sectors and the recognition that Seychelles is garnering from the progress.

“As an early childhood community, we are collaborating closely and making great strides towards achieving our ECCE goals. The NAP is a key policy instrument in this process and has proven to have a major impact on the ECCE system in the country. While we have made some important steps in 2021, work is yet to be concluded. I appeal to all of you to continue to support the plan’s successful implementation,” Minister Valentin urged.

The workshop serves as a mechanism by which the IECD can monitor and report on the implementation of the projects. The NAP 2021-2022 which was launched this July consists of sixteen projects, all launched at the beginning of the year. Projects range from tracking and monitoring of early childhood performance at schools, establishing structures and procedures for the management of information, capacity building, research-based projects and promotion of ECCE programmes.

The accompanying photographs show some highlights of the workshop yesterday.


Courtesy Laura Pillay | Photos by Louis Toussaint (